Thematic workshop series: The Age-Friendly Professional

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In September 2023 the AGE-FRIENDLY TOOLKIT project hosts a series of thematic workshops to define and discuss a professional profile and training curriculum for professionals that want to develop and promote age-friendly environments.

The workshops
The workshops aim to discuss the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes of a professional to develop and promote thematic areas related to age-friendly environments. In addition, we will discuss a first proposal for the respective thematic areas.

The project
The main objective of the AGE-FRIENDLY TOOLKIT project is to define a training curriculum for the new figure “Professional of reference for inclusive ageing in age-friendly cities’’. This training curriculum will be developed based on the specific knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed to develop age-friendly environments in the context of longevity and demographic transition in European countries. You can read all about our project on

For whom are these workshops?
Any professional or expert working within the field of age-friendly environments or people working with and for older adults are invited to join and discuss on the proposed skills, competencies and attitudes an AGE-FRIENDLY CITY PROFESSIONAL should possess.

The thematic workshops
In September, we will host the following workshops:

Date Theme
Tue 12 September 202311.00 – 13.00 CET

Anziani E Non Solo 

Promoting and developing age-friendly environments: social participationAge-friendy cities support social interaction and active lifestyles by providing opportunities that encourage people to leave their homes and maintain a supportive social network. In this workshop, we will consider the skills the professional needs to empower older persons to meaningfully connect with other people and within social networks.
Tue 19 September 2023 11.00 – 13.00 CET


Promoting and developing age-friendly environments; community support, communication & informationAge-friendly cities create an inclusive and supportive environment that addresses the unique needs and challenges faced by older individuals. In this workshop, we will consider the skills the professional needs to promote the well-being and quality of life of older adults within a community.  Focus on people with dementia or other brain disorders. 
Thu 21 September 202311.00 – 13.00 CET


Promoting and developing age-friendly environments; built environment Housing, outdoor spaces and transportation are crucial for safety, mobility and participation in society. In this workshop we will consider the skills the professional should have or develop to promote inclusive physical environments for older people. 
Tuesday 26 September 202311.00 – 13.00 CET

Mensajeros de la Paz

Promoting and developing age-friendly environments; social inclusion & cooperationSocial inclusion is essential for combating social isolation and loneliness, which are common problems among older people. In this workshop we will consider the skills the professional needs to enable older people to remain connected to their communities and maintain a sense of purpose and dignity in their later years.
Friday 29 September 11.00 – 13.00 CET


Promoting and developing age-friendly environments; civic participation & employment.Age-friendly environments allow older persons to continue to contribute to their communities and to be engaged in the political process. In this workshop we will consider the skills the professional needs to engage older people with: 1. paid work; 2. unpaid and voluntary work; 3. civic engagement.