The AGE-FRIENDLY TOOLKIT project proposes to open a wide-ranging exchange of information between age-friendly cities, seniors’ organizations and educational and training experts in order to define the new professional profile of “Professional of reference for inclusive ageing in age-friendly cities”, which will be a reference for developing a set of open educational resources to spread learning content of the ageing strategy in the framework of age-friendly cities in participant countries.

Age-Friendly toolkit project aims to share experiences internationally and work together to develop a proposal for a European training curriculum and toolkit to help partners move towards age-inclusive cities. The project should be funded as it includes very important key issues to address the challenges of longevity and demographic transition at local level from vocational education and training and lifelong learning programmes. The proposal to consider a lifecycle approach, the development of a training curriculum for the Professional of reference for inclusive ageing in age-friendly cities and the development of learning content and a set of open educational resources appropriate to the needs of age-friendly cities are very strong reasons for funding the project.